If you have forgotten your wallet password, you need to first take stock:

  1. Do I have access to a recovery seed?
  2. Do I have a saved copy of the un-encrypted wallet?
  3. Do I have a rough idea about the length and/or content of the password?

If you answer any of these questions in the affirmative, there is hope of recovery. Make certain you know which software was used to create the wallet and follow the recovery guide here: https://docs.dash.org/en/stable/wallets/recovery.html

If none of the previous prompts apply to you, it is important to understand that wallet passwords can not be reset by us or any other party. If you have a general idea of what your password may have been, you may want to try a third party service such as walletrecoveryservices.com, who specialize in trying to brute force these accounts for a share of the recovered funds.

If you have no idea what your password may have been, and none of the previous prompts apply to you, we are sorry to inform you that there is nothing to be done. Your wallet is encrypted within the highest standards of cryptography and no known weaknesses exist today.