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DASH dont arrive in my wallet

Please anybody can help me  i receive in my waalet one transfer from another wallet one hour later but the dash dont arrive in my dash wallet yet

what i can do?

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Hello Jose,

The dash is on your wallet according to the block explorer.



Very good yes the problem was resolved after fi ishi g syncronizatios Regards Jose
Hey, anyone can tell me or help me? I sent dash from from my phone to my friends phone through QR Scan. On my side it says sent and on his 0 balance. It’s been 3hrs. How long does it take for him to receive? Help? Or lost in cyberspace?

What wallet version are you using? Is it an android or iOS app?

In both cases be sure you have updated to the newest version.

I suppose the issue is on the android and if I'm right you need to go to settings/diagnostics/reset blockchain.

Let me know if the balance was back on your wallet. If yes great you can send it again.

If not let me know there is yet another solution.

He is using iOS iPhone... if he updates phone or app, will he lose the dash I sent him?

Be sure to have always the recovery phrases/seed under hand before doing any kind of update, instalations and so on.

If he does have it go ahead and update the wallet.

To avoid any future problems with the wallet keep it updated.

How can I recover my old funds in new wallet and new computer.I don't have beckup.

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