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Hi. How can I move my dash money from dash blockchain to my dash wallet? I am new in crypto payments. Strange is that because my First withdrawl game on Time. It was 2 Horus befor I decided mąkę second.
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Hi Monica, 

Blockchain is only a place where you can verify what happens on the Dash network, .

You can move the coins between different addresses if you are the owner of the private keys of this public address.

So basicly you can buy some coins on an exchange and send them to your wallet on your mobile app or dashcore on your local machine (you are the owner of the private keys in this case).

You can't simply go to explorer and pull the coins from there ;)

To get more info about Dash just go to and start reading and engage on social places like discord on or all other places are available on

Last thing , trust noone to give access to your wallet.

ps. if you are a polish girl I invite you to visit our Dash subforum here:


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