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Sending dash btc

I have been trying to send my dash btc out to someone else but it’s keep rebounding back into my account I have reset my phone and delete n download the app tried the app on another phone doing the same thing please help

What do you mean sending dash btc?

Are you sending dash on the bitcoin address?

Not sure.

Anyway be sure to have the wallet updated to the newest version as a sender and receiver end.

I’m sending it to to the dash address and it’s keeps rebounding back I tried it with multiple different dash address and it’s the same thing

David, are you using the newest version of the wallet?

Have you tried to rescan the blockchain?

Yes I am and I have done that lots of times still doing the same thing

I can see that the tx went through and is on the address you wanted to send to:

No it hasn’t gone in that’s a shows you n then it’s goes back into the dash account can you fix it pls
I’m trying to send out again n it rebounded I try send out £44 and rebounded into my dash account pls fix

David, just talked with the iOS dev about your case and there is an issue indeed. 

The fix is planned to be rolled out in the end of this week.

Hi there is not working it’s been 12 days and I have been trying to send out

What wallet you use?

Are you on the latest wallet version?

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