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Money Transfer

I recently had money transferred to my dash acct but I have no idea how to transfer that money to my bank acct. can anyone please help? How do I get my funds?

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I’m trying to transfer Dash from my Uphold app to my iOS Dash wallet and it keeps telling me something went wrong.

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This is probably the difference between buying the coins on Uphold and withdrawing is less than 24h.

Please wait 24 since last attempt and withdraw then and let us know if all things went fine or not.


As I said, wait 24h and try again.

i have same problem here and cant transfer dash from my unhold account i have been waiting more than 24 hours but it doesnt solve yet.

Please try again, it should work now. If not, please open a ticket, send a screenshot of the error, and we will get this solved formyou ASAP :).

Hi Pablo I have found my dash core wallet. It says out of sync but will not commence sync. Have not had response to emails?

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  • Robert, could you please email me the ticket number?, Ill make sure you are taken care of with priority. Apologies for any mixup.

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