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Account wiped out

I log into my Dash account about 5 days a week to check my balance. When I logged in today my account was completely wiped out with a balance of $0. I had about 10 Dash Coins valued over $900 yesterday. How do I solve this issue?

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I'm sorry to hear that Kevin, it's kind of unnormal. Have you been keeping your wallet safe, backups/seed?

Can you give us more info about what wallet have you been using?

If it was android app please go to the contact space and send us a ticket using you email with the logs of the app ok?

Same thing is happening to me. I logged in to my account after 2,3 months and now i have $0. Can you guys check the logs. I wanna know what happened. There is no transaction log either!!!!!

To identify the causes of these issues, we need reports/logs sent from the app.

Also, you should always have a backup, which is your recovery phrase.

How do I get that to you?! I have a recovery phrase saved!!

To send a report, click the More button (bottom right at the bottom), then choose Contact Support from that menu.  Choose an email app and send the email.  We can then analyze that report.

Since your balance is missing and you have your 12 word recovery phrase, you can then go to the More menu again, then Security, then Reset Wallet (choose Reset Wallet from the dialog).  Then the app will restart and you can then Restore Wallet from Recovery Phrase.  Enter your recovery phrase.  After about an hour your balance should be restored.

I have just downloaded the app after 2 years without use. There was nearly one coin in my wallet but it now says zero.

What does this mean "I have just downloaded the app after 2 years without use"? Did you reinstall the app? Was it installed on a different device?

The app was on my iPhone but with a cloud symbol so I downloaded and put in a 4 digit code and it is my wallet and phrase but it’s empty.

how to recover funds on new computer and new wallet

Luiz I assume we are talking about dashcore wallet right?

Make a backup of your wallet first.

Install the newest version of the dashcore wallet downloadable from

Place the wallet.dat file which you made a backup earlier and paste it (on the switched off wallet) in the appdata folder of the dashcore.

Hope that helps.

Transaction history gone app up to date but no history had 298$ and then no history no sent or received definitely not hacked on Apple
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