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Money Transfer

I recently had money transferred to my dash acct but I have no idea how to transfer that money to my bank acct. can anyone please help? How do I get my funds?

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Please try again, it should work now. If not, please open a ticket, send a screenshot of the error, and we will get this solved formyou ASAP :).

i have same problem here and cant transfer dash from my unhold account i have been waiting more than 24 hours but it doesnt solve yet.

As I said, wait 24h and try again.


This is probably the difference between buying the coins on Uphold and withdrawing is less than 24h.

Please wait 24 since last attempt and withdraw then and let us know if all things went fine or not.

I’m trying to transfer Dash from my Uphold app to my iOS Dash wallet and it keeps telling me something went wrong.
Gracias por ayudarme a realizar muchos en mi información personal un saludo a todos de mi parte

Dayne, have you verified it? After this all worked fine?

Let us know....

Yeah I have an unverified uphold account atm but can verify straight away, I use iOS wallet version if I Think I know wat your talking about I’m using the dash app

Hi Dayne, we are looking into your issue but might you provide us some info please.

What wallet version are you actually using? 

What is your phone with android version.

You have unverified account on uphold?

Thnx for kind words ;)

Love the support guys cheers
This is a photo of what prompts when I try to transfer from uphold to dash
Do I need to verify my account through uphold, this is very frustrating
Sorry but logs of what? Log ins, log of Payments

Can we ask you to rise a ticket toward the support@dash.org and attaching the logs from your android app?

To do it, simply send us a report via your app.

Having the logs let us have an idea why this issue occurs.

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