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Mining Isn't Working For Me

 I'm using a desktop with Windows Vista (32 Bit), trying to use Awesome Miner, but I can't figure out how to get the mining to work.

I followed all instructions from all websites and video tutorials, but nothing is explained in detail as to exactly what I need to do, and so I can't tell if I missed something or did something wrong.


The difficulty on Dash mining went so high that mining with your CPU or GPU will not bring you any results.

You have to have an ASIC X11 miner connected to some pool to receive any amounts.

There is nothing wrong you do I suppose simply not enough good hardware to have the success especially when you are doing the solo mining.



Please anybody can help me  i receive in my waalet one transfer from another wallet one hour later but the dash dont arrive in my dash wallet yet

Let us know what wallet you have used to send from and to which wallet the coins should arrive.

What is the version of the sending wallet and what is the version of the receiving wallet?

Are you sure the sending wallet was synchronized in the moment of sending?

Might we eventually ask you the address of the wallet which was used to receive the coins?

You can send us a ticket on to avoid the exposure of your dash address.


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