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Transfer from Uphold not working

Everytime I try to transfer money from uphold you dash it says error. My account is funded I keep having issues

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Wait 24h after buying and since last attempt of withdrawing.

Let us know if worked.

made a withdrawal of 0.4 dashcoin, have not yet arrived, made a withdrawal 2 days ago? Why?

Can you let us know what is the wallet version you are using?

Eventually write us the Dash address on so we can verify if the tx has been sent by Uphold or not.

Thank you.


I can’t get the transfer function from Uphold to Dash app to work. Uphold “customer support” referred me too you.

Please create a support ticket and attach the logs of the app.

Uphold to DASH IOS app fails saying ‘something went wrong’
Uphold to Dash transfer says "something went wrong" with each attempt. Please advise

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