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Dash wallet completely wiped to zero

Hi there, My partner sent me 42 Dash on Feb 4th at 2:40pm and I’ve been using this wallet consistently before that and even have been sending my 9 daughter for her dash wallet transactions. I just sent her $2 on Tuesday this week. Yesterday I checked it when I was getting a friend set up with the wallet too and everything was fine. Just now I was sitting with my partner (he’s literally Dash biggest fan) and I was sending him back the 42Dash. It had $5k in there so I clicked scan to send, scanned his barcode and it It said insufficient funds so we went back to check balance to see why and it was wiped to $0 and all the transaction history was wiped. We are huge fans of Dash in our household and we want the technology to be successful. Please help us recover the missing transactions and missing funds and coins. Thank you, B

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I really don't know what might have happened but things/coins don't just go into 0 balance if they are not sent all out the wallet or someone else had access to your backup of the wallet.

The transactions are irreversible and we actually can;t revers any transaction happened on the Dash blockchain.

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