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I don't know if its still possible to recover dash .

Mining was coming to my very old address, from the wallet (old version) I opened in 2019 ,that is not possible to synchronise ,as it hasn't worked for 2 years ,now old version isn't active ,but Mining was still sending to my very old address ( I haven't checked for a whilet thinking mining has stopped), my question is- is it still possible to recover my dash? I can only check, and see on the blockchain with the line stating " invalid date" ,and owner is unknown, how can I prove that this dash is mine? At the moment I do only have android wallet that's synchronised, and active.tia
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If you was mining on the old address nothing is lost.

The privatekeys are stored in wallet.dat file.

The file is not obsolete if you have an old version of the wallet.

Simply get the newest version which is v.17.0.3 from the official website.

Install it and open it.

Let it sync your balance should appear during the syncronisation....

Let us know.

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