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A recommendation

Hello Dash Core Group, 

The population between India and Turkey is about 3 billion people, and these countries' currencies are going through a major hyperinflation.  Now is the time to take a good advantage of this situation and move Dash into Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and all their neighboring countries. 

I strongly believe that once Dash gets adopted by these countries, it will take over Bitcoin.  

Good luck Dash, 

Thanks for being there for the people of this world. 


Keyon Bell

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The public address is the one you get by pressing: Request payment" in your RECEIVE tab.

The privatekey you get by using the command in the debug console, before unlock your wallet: dumpprivkey "here_put_your_public_address" 

Remember to be careful when you do this because who have the control under the privkey has the access to the funds which are on this certain public address.

My wallet is Dash Core

Nelpasa, which wallet you refer to?

where do I find the the public and private keys?

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