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Dash price to byc

Hello, is everybody ok with the price lost of dash to btc? For 25 days other 187 coins vain value or dis not lose value to btc, just dash lost. Ia this normal the worst one between 188 coin? Does anyone have confidence to dash for.making investment? I have 1000 dash and i lost directly 30 k dollars, and i lost profit if i would.have buy any other coins %50. What is happening,? Tell us the truth, are you selling your company,s dash for cash? This market reaction of dash is unbeliviable, tell us the truth. When will your selling will finish?

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Any answer, ? if the future of dash has prpblems, or if ypur company has cash.problems, if you gonna run out by closing your project tell us, everyone has right to hear this. Lots of people believe the future of this project and thought that this will gain, now you are like dead, What is happening wit dash value?


Quel est le problème de entre dash et CashForShare.com?

Je n'arrive pas à me connecter avec cashforshare à cause de dash.

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What is the problem between dash and CashForShare.com?

I can't connect with cashforshare because of Dash.

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